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  1. Logins are not working
  2. Registration is not working
  3. Forums are not coming back

Here's an overview of what's not working:

  1. Corrupted database caused the following:
    1. I was not able to bring any users from the previous installation
    2. No users means you CAN NOT log in here.
    3. Had to manually copy articles and images
    4. I have the text for the FAQ, but haven't been able to fix a few issues with the module that is hosting this text.
    5. The forums are toast and will not be able to resurrect them.
  2. Connections to the email server are not working for now. This means the following:
    1. Registration requires email verification
    2. Site registration has been turned off until the email server connection is fixed

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Science has proven this old belief about full moons

Science has proven this old belief about full moons

Author: Hector Sosa, Jr/Friday, September 11, 2020/Categories: Signs, Moon


According to LiveScience, there have been many studies trying to link how the moon affects people, particularly in regard to sleep patterns. One of the prevailing theories being studied by scientists is that the full moon's light may disrupt sleep cycles.

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