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Hector's Thoughts

Call to Action

Call to Action

Author: Hector Sosa, Jr/Monday, September 13, 2021/Categories: Personal, Scriptures, Gospel, Church

We are faced with an unprecedented situation similar to what Nephi went through when he found Laban passed out drunk on the floor, and the Holy Ghost told him to kill him. 

It's a conundrum any way we look at it. I can only speak for myself. To me, this is not a matter of faith. I know that the Gospel contains instructions on how to to get back to our Heavenly Family. This is not in question.

What is in question is how will I endure and get through these dark days. This is no different from the situations that many men and women in the scriptures have had to deal with and endure.

Today is our time in the spotlight. The hall is rented. The orchestra is engaged. It is now time to see if we can dance.

We are facing an adversary who is consumed and totally committed to our destruction, both physical and spiritual. This is an enemy that demands to be fought. This is a war that started in that Great Council to decide the fate of our heavenly family. This war continues to rage upon this Earth, a Telestial world. Our greatest challenge is not the cunning lies, the precepts of men mingled with scripture or the agents of evil that oppose us.

The greatest challenge lain before us is to do what must be done, without undoing the covenants we have made with our Father in Heaven and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The war we fight is not against powers and principalities. It is against the gross darkness that covers the land and the minds of the people. It is also against the whisperings of those that desire our total misery. 

There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of the spirit.

Compared with such a loss, I DO NOT fear the hordes of the Adversary. Against this peril, we must never surrender. 

This is my call to rally to the Iron Rod, my call to rally to the Title of Liberty, my call to rally to the Lord of Lords and the Kings of Kings.

We are here because we won the war for our agency. We have been reserved to live in this period of this Earth by our Heavenly Father and His Son because we are the Army of Light's Special Forces.

Again we are called to fight for the agency of Humankind. The fiercest battles for our freedoms are being fought right now and going forward.

The outcome is not in question. It is our courage to endure that is in question. 

Let me echo a refrain from the past:

Never Give Up, Never Surrender


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