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Hector's Thoughts

Took a break from the world

Took a break from the world

Author: Hector Sosa, Jr/Monday, March 15, 2021/Categories: Personal

I took a break from everything for a few weeks. I was between jobs and was my job search became my full-time job. I got a new position working remotely. I'm on my third week. 

It's incredible the number of changes that happened out in the world since I was last on this website. Homelife has been uneventful. Most people would consider my life to be boring, but I'm ok with that. I like not having drama in my life. 

I did a fair amount of reading since the start of the year. I read about 48 books so far. The book I'm reading now is A Remnant Shall Return - 2020 Edition: A Study of the Restoration of the House of Israel (Understanding the Last Days Series Book 1)

Just wanted to let everybody know that yes I'm still alive.


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